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Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship

What to expect from this program?

Personalized continuous education
Depending on your needs we offer a CAS, DAS or MAS. The program consists of 6 modules covering different aspects relevant for the development and commercialization of medicinal products and medical devices. The program is open for all academic disciplines. For academics without a background in natural science, engineering or medicine, a special module «Prerequisites» has been developed. It will allow those participants to acquire fundamental scientific-medical knowledge required for the program.


Project-focused and practice-oriented
The study program is embedded in sitem-insel, which, in collaboration with partners, provides participants access to a vast amount of hightech facilities and services.

MAS students perform activities that are designed to specially address aspects relevant to their projects. This includes regular project discussions with peers and experts, the selection of applicable case studies and site visits at companies, which will give them the opportunity to apply knowledge, skill sets and techniques that they have gained from the classroom in real life situations.


Scientific and entrepreneurial translation
The program covers all relevant aspects of the translational process – i.e. entrepreneurial know-how in addition to all basic scientific, clinical and technical knowledge.


Expertise of teachers and supervisors
The teachers and supervisors of this program are from research and development oriented private companies, scientists from universities, ETHs and FHS, collaborators from regulatory agencies, financial experts and clinicians.


The study program offers «blended learning», i.e. e-learning complemented with face-toface concept lectures, peer learning sessions and interactive discussions with specialists. Consequently, the program permits you to organize your daily workload and study time according to your background and your specific needs, while the face-to-face sessions allow networking with experts and personal contact with your peers.

    Program Plan
    Modules 1 to 5 consist of a kick-off event, face-to-face lectures, peer discussions, round table discussions, a wrap-up session and an e-learning part. Module 6 predominantly consists of face-to-face lectures, workshops and round table discussions.

    More than 70% of the contributors and speakers are experienced people from the private sector, who can share their practical knowledge during the face-to-face sessions and will accompany you throughout the e-learning part.


    Modular Curriculum for MAS / CAS / DAS courses and single modules

    Modular Curriculum for MAS / CAS / DAS courses and single modules


      Different Curricula
      Depending on the curriculum selected, different numbers of ECTS points are required:

      • CAS in Translational Medicine (CAS TM):
        Three modules of choice from modules 1 to 5 (minimum 13 ECTS) and a certificate work (2 ECTS)
        (Start date depending on modules selected)
      • CAS in Biomedical Entrepreneurship (CAS BE):
        Module 6 (13 ECTS) and a certificate work (2 ECTS)
        (Start date: 15/16.01.2020)
      • DAS in Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship (CAS TM + CAS BE):
        Combination of the CAS TM and the CAS BE (see above)
      • DAS in Translational Medicine (DAS TM):
        Modules 1 to 5 (23 ECTS), electives (3 ECTS), DAS thesis (4 ECTS)
        (Start date: 06.09.2019) 
      • MAS Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship (MAS TMBE):
        All 6 modules (36 ECTS) and a master thesis on a translational project and elective courses (24 ECTS)
        (Start date: 06.09.2019) 
      • Single modules can be attended depending on available space


        Dr. Thomas Andrieu

        Edometriosis and Gynaecological Oncology, Department of Biomedical Research University of Bern


        The MAS program for Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship provides a large amount of information which are essential to transform your idea to a valuable product. Scientist by training, I have seen my horizon enlarged towards regulation and business perspectives. Networking is invaluable too. In this regards, the MAS allows you to exchange with experts and with your peers. It might challenge your project but it definitely brings it further.


        Dr. Kamal Azzaoui

        CEO and co-founder Saverna Therapeutics AG


        Very professional interactions between teachers and students through very interesting lectures and wrap up sessions, highly intellectual and innovative projects, very flexible program. I learned a lot about translational medicine, strong team work and personal bonds between participants.


        Dr. c. Raja Prince-Eladnani

        Clinic of Hematology & Central Hematology Laboratory, Deparment of Biomedical Research, University of Bern and Inselspital Bern


        The MAS in Translational Medicine and Biomedical Engrepreneurship enabled me to significantly advance my project. I was able to directly apply what I learned through each module and expand my skills in regulatory affairs, project management, business development and entrepreneurship. I am also very thankful to the sitem school directors and coordinator for their availability and support and all module contributors for their efficient interactions during kick off and wrap up sessions.


        Dr. He Liu

        Life Science Consultant


         As a life science researcher who has worked in the field for many years, this program opened the door for me to experience the beauty of translational medicine – from R&D, quality management, intellectual property, regulations and clinical trials to biomedical entrepreneurship. The program has enabled me to gain an overview of the whole cycle of life science. One of the things I enjoy most about the program is the group work, which also provides us with great networking opportunities. This has really helped me to develop my entrepreneurial mindset. For entrepreneurs and future industry leaders, this MAS program is worth taking.


        Start and Duration
        The study program starts in September each year (date to be announced) and is designed for a duration of minimum 4 semesters (MAS, DAS) or 3 semesters (CAS), respectively.


        The University of Bern will be the location for all dates of presence (face-to-face sessions and audits).


        The course language is English.


        Admission Requirements
        The prerequisites for admission are the same as for entering the University of Bern. The program participants will be a group of postgraduate students at a high academic level.

        • CAS, DAS: Participants should have a MS or higher degree in life science, medicine, engineering science or equivalent.
        • MAS: Participants should have a MS or higher degree in life science, medicine, engineering science or equivalent and at least 2 years of experience in research and/or development.

        Participants can bring a proposal for an own translational medicine project on which they will work during the MAS thesis.


        Available Services
        Upon successful registration, the participants will get a campus account, which includes an email account in the SWITCH network. MAS students will receive a Unicard and have access to sports, childcare and counselling facilities offered by the University of Bern.

        After successful participation and depending on the achieved ECTS points, the University of Bern awards the degree «Certificate of Advanced Studies» (CAS), «Diploma of Advanced Studies» (DAS) or «Master of Advanced Studies» (MAS). The corresponding certificates will disclose the content and achievements of the program.


        The following fees apply:

        MAS CHF 31 500.–
        DAS CHF 23 100.–
        CAS CHF 12 600.– each.

        The fees for single modules are between
        CHF 3 150.– and CHF 6 300.–


        Registration and Contact
        Places available but limited.
        Registration deadline: 31.08.2020
        Phone: +41 31 664 6400

        Participants will be registered at the University of Bern.


        Further Information
        For further questions about the study program, please contact:

        Prof. Dr. Juergen Burger, Director sitem-insel School

        Dr. Pascale Anderle, deputy Director and program coordinator

        Jennifer Fischer, administration and communication