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M1 - Research and Development

Module leaders: Dr. Andreas Wallnoefer, BioMedPartners
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Burger, University of Bern & sitem-insel
Beat Lechmann, Depuy Synthes Companies

Date and Credits

Start: 01.09.2020

Duration: 10 Weeks


This module reviews basic heuristic principles related to the discovery and development of diagnostic and therapeutic biomedical products.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of the R & D process
  • Critical assessment of findings
  • Strategic planning of scientific and economic aspects and risk management

Learning content

  • Introduction to translational medicine
  • Drugs: Drug discovery, bridging discovery and development, drug development
  • Medical devices: Design process, design quality, design realization, evaluation
  • Diagnostics: Biomarker discovery and validation, clinical test development
  • Combination products

Module leaders

  • Prof. Dr. Juergen Burger, University of Bern
  • Dr. Andreas Wallnoefer, Life Sciences Consulting, BioMed Partners
  • Beat Lechmann, Depuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson


Various experts from industry (Behring SA, Bayer Pharma AG, Johnson and Johnson, Venture, BioMed Partners, Cellestia Biotech) and academia (Artorg, Inselspital)